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Sajorcaju Oyster mushroom Spawn (Lentinus sajor-caju) Grey Oyster

Sajorcaju Oyster mushroom Spawn (Lentinus sajor-caju) Grey Oyster

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Oyster mushroom Spawn (Lentinus sajor-caju) Grey Oyster

Delve into the world of mushroom cultivation with our exceptional pack of Sajor Caju Oyster Mushroom Spawn, also renowned as Grey Oyster Mushroom. This first-generation spawn, known for its delectable taste and high yield, is ideal for both novice and expert growers.

Key Features:

1. Matured Spawns: Our spawn is fully matured and ready for use, offering a straightforward and efficient start to your mushroom growing journey.

2. Unique Color Variations: The mushrooms can develop into dark grey, brown, or black hues, influenced by the intensity of light exposure, adding a striking visual element to your cultivation.

3. Delicate Flavor and Texture: Sajor Caju is celebrated for its delicate taste and soft texture, making it a popular choice among culinary enthusiasts.

4. First Generation Quality: Ensures vigorous growth and superior yield, perfect for both personal and commercial cultivation.

5. Assured High Yield: We promise an extraordinarily high yield, maximizing the productivity of your cultivation efforts.

6. 100% Verified Organic and Mold-Free: Our spawns are organically certified and free from harmful molds, ensuring a healthy and safe growing environment.

7. Comprehensive Training and Instruction: Access to our BM Mushroom YouTube channel is provided, offering detailed tutorials and expert tips for successful mushroom cultivation.

Usage Instructions:
- Preparation: Follow our expert advice for preparing substrates and creating the ideal growing conditions.
- Inoculation: Introduce the spawn to the substrate in a clean environment to prevent contamination.
- Maintenance: Keep an eye on the essential factors like humidity, temperature, and light for optimal growth.
- Harvesting: Enjoy harvesting your Sajor Caju mushrooms, usually ready within a few weeks of inoculation.

Ideal For:
- Those new to mushroom cultivation, looking for an easy-to-grow variety.
- Professional cultivators in search of a high-yielding, flavorful mushroom.
- Educational purposes, providing a practical learning experience for students and enthusiasts.

Packaging: The spawn is securely packaged in moisture-resistant material to ensure it remains fresh and viable upon delivery.

Order Now: Start your mushroom cultivation adventure with our Sajor Caju Oyster Mushroom Spawn and savor the unique flavors and high yield of your own grown mushrooms!

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