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Mushroom Ready To Grow Fruiting Bag (1 Piece)

Mushroom Ready To Grow Fruiting Bag (1 Piece)

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Embark on an exciting journey of mushroom cultivation with our Mushroom Ready To Grow Fruiting Bags. These bags come pre-inoculated with high-quality mushroom spawn across a variety of strains such as Blue Oyster, Elm Oyster, Pink Oyster, Sajor Caju, and King Oyster, subject to availability. Designed for simplicity and convenience, they are perfect for DIY enthusiasts, beginners, educators, and mushroom lovers who wish to grow their own organic mushrooms at home or on a farm.

Key Features:

1. Wide Variety of Strains: Select from a diverse range of mushroom strains to suit your taste and interest. Each strain offers its own unique flavor, texture, and growing experience.

2. Ready for Cultivation: Our grow bags contain a substrate already inoculated with mushroom spawn, simplifying the cultivation process. Users only need to maintain the appropriate fruiting temperature and environment.

3. Ideal for Various Users: Whether for educational purposes, a DIY project, or simply for the joy of growing, these bags are suitable for amateurs and mushroom enthusiasts alike.

4. Organic and Eco-Friendly: All ingredients in our Ready To Fruit bags are organic, free from chemicals and pesticides, ensuring a safe and natural growing process.

5. Autoclave Prepared: Our substrates and spawns are prepared using autoclave sterilization, ensuring high-quality and contamination-free products.

6. Educational and Fun: These bags offer a hands-on learning experience about mushroom cultivation, making them an excellent educational tool.

7. Size of bag is 12*18, expected to give yield up-to 1kg or more, depending upon fruiting environment maintenance 

Usage: Simply follow the provided instructions to create the right environment for your mushrooms. Enjoy watching them grow and harvesting fresh, organic mushrooms directly from your home or farm.

Experience the satisfaction of growing your own mushrooms with our Mushroom Ready To Grow Fruiting Bags, a blend of simplicity, sustainability, and fun.

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