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Oyster Mushroom Spawn (Pleurotus Flabellatus)

Oyster Mushroom Spawn (Pleurotus Flabellatus)

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First Generation White Oyster Mushroom Spawn (Pleurotus flabellatus) 

Product Overview:
Start your mushroom growing journey with our top-grade pack of First Generation White Oyster Mushroom Spawn (Pleurotus flabellatus). Perfectly matured and ready to use, this spawn is tailored for both novice and expert cultivators aiming for a significant yield.

Key Features:

1. Matured Spawns: Comes fully matured, making it perfect for immediate use and ensuring a hassle-free cultivation experience.

2. Large and White Varietal: This particular strain of Oyster Mushroom is known for growing large and boasting a pristine white color, adding aesthetic value to your garden or farm.

3. First Generation Quality: Guarantees stronger and more vigorous growth, ideal for both personal and commercial cultivation.

4. Very High Yield Assured: We promise an exceptionally high yield, making your cultivation efforts fruitful.

5. 100% Verified Organic and Mold-Free: Our spawn is completely organic and free from harmful molds, ensuring a safe and healthy growing environment.

6. Comprehensive Training and Instruction: Access to our BM Mushroom YouTube channel is included, offering detailed guidance and tips for successful cultivation.

Usage Instructions:
- Preparation: Follow our step-by-step guides for preparing substrates and creating the ideal growing conditions.
- Inoculation: Apply the spawn to your prepared substrate in a clean environment to prevent contamination.
- Maintenance: Keep an eye on humidity, temperature, and light as per our recommendations to ensure optimal growth.
- Harvesting: Expect to harvest your large, white oyster mushrooms within weeks after inoculation.

Ideal For:
- Hobbyists and home gardeners interested in mushroom cultivation.
- Professional growers looking for a high-yield, easy-to-grow variety.
- Educational use, providing practical learning for students and mushroom growing enthusiasts.

Packaging: The spawn is securely packaged in a moisture-resistant material, ensuring it remains fresh and viable upon delivery.

Order Now: Dive into the world of mushroom cultivation with our First Generation White Oyster Mushroom Spawn and enjoy the satisfaction of growing your own lush, white oyster mushrooms!

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