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Chopped Paddy Straw: Premium Substrate for Mushroom Cultivation 1kg

Chopped Paddy Straw: Premium Substrate for Mushroom Cultivation 1kg

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Introducing Chopped Paddy Straw, the perfect substrate for growing a wide variety of mushrooms. Our straw is carefully selected for its quality and cleanliness, ensuring optimal conditions for mushroom cultivation. With this product, all you need to do is pasteurize the straw and mix it with spawn to start growing mushrooms.

This is only for experiment DIY projects only. For commercial production please resource cheaper locally available substrate nearby, other wise you wont be profitable. This won't cost so much if locally procured.

The chopped paddy straw is sourced from the finest grade straw, free from any dust or contaminants. This ensures a clean and healthy substrate for your mushroom cultivation. Whether you're growing Oyster mushrooms, Milky mushrooms, Paddy Straw mushrooms, Button mushrooms, or other varieties, this substrate provides an excellent medium for their growth.

To use the chopped paddy straw, simply follow the pasteurization process to eliminate any potential competing organisms. Once pasteurized, the straw is ready to be mixed with mushroom spawn, which will colonize and eventually produce mushrooms. This convenient and ready-to-use substrate saves you time and effort in preparing the growing medium.

By using our chopped paddy straw, you can expect reliable and consistent results in your mushroom cultivation endeavors. The quality of the straw, combined with proper pasteurization and spawn integration, creates an ideal environment for mushroom mycelium to thrive and fruit abundantly.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced mushroom grower, our chopped paddy straw provides a convenient and effective solution for your cultivation needs. Unlock the potential of various mushroom varieties with this versatile substrate and enjoy a successful and fruitful mushroom-growing journey.

Additional Info

  • Could be used for all varities of Oyster, Milky and Button Mushroom Substrate base, including King Oyster.
  • Straw are finely selected , dry cleaned and chopped.
  • These are unstreilized, you will need to sterilize it before use.
  • The shipping charges are counbted based on voulmetric weight as these straw takes more space hence volume weight is more than actual weight hence higher shipping charges.
  • For any bulk order, call us on +917363970073
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